Hello people, 

today you have to save ducks, they are falling from the sky into the lava and its your job to save them. Do your best and lets see can u save them or not.


Just press the left mouse button on the ducks to save them. Dont let them fall into the lava, more than 5 dies and you are dead

Download the game for best experience and less laggyness with super good graphics. 

note that this is an arcade style game and also the audio might come after a few mins/seconds of when the game is started

all suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome

Install instructions

1. Install the zip

2. extract it

3. play the game :D


v1 64 bits.zip 71 MB
32 bits v1.zip 68 MB

Development log


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Excellent little game. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, yet it quite difficult.

Great job! 

P.S. Bonus points for that sick Zelda theme in the background!


thanks for the feedback !

Ah you got the background music. It was given to give a more duck mania feeling...:D

Cool but the ducks kept spawning too close to the ground making them impossible to catch.

thx, that will get fixed soon :D

Nice casual game! Simplistic gameplay but fun, like the polygon graphics! . You could have different levels where the ducks fall faster or maybe red ducks that reduce score. Implement a High score system for gamers to have a challenge. Keep up the cool work! I look forward to playing more games you make!

ohk thanks for your feedback, will do it in my next update :)

Nice game. Two problems.

  1. Mania is spelled "mania", not "mainia"
  2. Ducks sometimes spawn to close to the ground

Hey there, sorry about the spelling error, just fixed it.

The duck spawning close to the ground will be fixed in the later updates (most probably my next update)

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions :D

:) Nice game

its a cool game. It can be improved the ducks sometimes spawn just near lava and one more thing it stuck at tree while it spwan i think it collides with collider of tree and get stuck.


The duck spawning close to the ground will be fixed in the later updates (most probably my next update)

The getting stuck bug will also get fixed so dont worry about that.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions


i cliked bc the thumbnails is bad lol

Cute little game! I was not good at duck saving D= but had fun nonetheless! Keep up the work and always love playing a game by you my sir! Your game is first in the video

Thanks a lot for playing my game. The spawn pos is an issue but that will get fixed. Glad you liked the game and thanks again

Hi. I played your game and recorded it on a video. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.

Hey I see you played my game (duck mainia). Was a good time seeing you play and I think the spawn pos was a bit too down after a few seconds, but that will get fixed, other than that. The gameplay was good, and there will be more features or things in later updates though. Thanks for playing it :D (u could save some ducks from falling :))